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Originally Posted by 2010 SSRS View Post
what system is better, PS3 or XBOX360, I am going to buy one soon, I was leaning towards PS3 because of GT5, but this Forza game looks awesome to.
They both have their ups and downs.
IMO, the PS3's interface and playback capabilities make it extremely viable in the video department. It supports .AVI, .MP4, .WMV, etc. Its controls during video playback are also smoother, and the blu-ray capability isn't a bad thing if you have an HDTV hooked up to it. If you're one of those 3DTV adopters, it now comes with 3D blu-ray support. BUT, the PS3 has a mediocre online service. My 360 and PS3 are equidistant from our wireless modem, and the PS3 barely picks up the signal while my 360 gets enough of a connection to run HD on Netflix.
The Xbox 360, however (again, IMO), is better in the gaming department. While you might have to pay for Xbox Live, one-year subscriptions are usually on sale somewhere, and even when you have to pay for it, it's a good trade-off. The UI in XBL is a lot nicer than PSN, the controller fits way more comfortably in your hands, and the library of games is arguably better. Even multi-platform games have a larger following on the 360. Having said that though, video playback is a nuisance on the 360. The interface is cheap and clunky and it's all too easy to toggle a 30x rewind just by nudging the controller the wrong way.
What it really comes down to is what you plan to do with your console. If you want a greater video experience, then the PS3 is the clear winner. Blu-Ray will beat out an upscaled 480i DVD any day of the week, and the broader range of support for video files never hurt. If you want a greater gaming experience, the 360 wins only if you plan to get Xbox Live. It's the saving grace of the console and justifies the purchase.
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