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Originally Posted by KEEP RT View Post
I plan on 300K plus. If I were to buy a used and the only difference between a choice of two that the only difference was a "can" I'd buy the one with a can. Have you ever opened up an engine Mike? Or do you talk like you know? Your the type I'd never buy from. The run it till it pukes, then it's someone else's problem. It wont void a warranty either.
well thinking back the people i talked to about this do work on engines and know what they are doing, but they were not thinking of 300k miles on a car. i am only saying for people who don't drive there cars past 100k miles really do not need one. and to be honest rich or poor i don't see any body hitting over 150k miles or even 200k miles on a car.

and BTW most people do not know what a catch can is nor know anything about how to truly take care of a engine.i probably wont be able to sell to you, but the rest of the 95% of people i could.
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