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Originally Posted by Rickscamero View Post
I have been getting alot of slack from my cousins because I went with the V6.. I am not letting it bother me, but .. I am considering the V8 (so i guess i am letting it bother me).

I ordered the 1LT, which I have now learned has a governor - but in time I am guessing I can simply just replace the chip... in the ecu to get rid of that..
They all have a governer. You want the 155 speed? Get the RS package. The v6 will hit it.

I'm choosing the V6 for a lot of reasons. Payment, gas mileage, and insurance are some of it - I'd rather have a lower payment and insurance and be able to afford to mod my car how I like it than just have the car.

With all costs included, I could get the V6 performing, sounding, and looking the way I want for about 33000. A 1SS would be just getting started for that cost.

Besides, its a throwback to my old camaro. Bought it right as I graduated HS - an 86 IROC with the 305/five speed, 90k miles. Made power by revving the p*** out of it, and it handled like it was on rails. I'm shooting for the same kind of thing with this car - straight line performance is important, but just as important to me (and maybe more so) is its ability to hug the turns. Being a bit lighter, the V6 has a handling advantage over an SS with the same suspension. And since I'll be getting a custom pedders suspension, I have a feeling Xanthos will out turn an SS with anything less than a complete racing suspension. Maybe not out accelerate, but I plan on working on that side as well. Shooting for 3600 lbs after all weight reduction, and 400 flywheel horsepower.

In the end, its all about what YOU want, not what your friends think you should want. If you want the SS, get it! If the V8 isn't worth the extra cost, stick with your V6. You'll be happy with either one, I'm sure, and probably be happier if you got the one you want instead of the one your friends want.
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