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Originally Posted by mkorgan View Post
So, I will be the odd one here. I would buy one and hold on to it (a few cruise weekends here and there but no track).

My reason: I have a strong feeling that we are in a very short window of a muscle car renaissance. With the CAFE standards coming in a couple years and GM stating this is going to be a limited production run Camaro, this may be a car worth having a 4-5 years when the only thing you can get in a Camaro is a turbo 6cyl that looks like it belongs in a Toyota.

If the COPO would have been street legal (and they made a few more than 69 of them) I would have been in line for that for the same reason. Cars are most always a horrible investment but this one MIGHT be different.
very good call on the short window for REAL PERFORMANCE..........many dont see it coming, or rather refuse to look at it...thats likely why GM is throwing everything out on the market but the kitchen sink...since i have the zl1 i wont bother trading in to a z28, but if i didnt have one i would sure snag something..........unless your ok in the future with 6's, 4's and 10 speed trannys
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