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Dealership: Sport Chevrolet in Silver Spring, MD

Bought my first car here and was treated well. The service department is also great. Have three stories:
Went in for a headlight issue [left headlight had a pink hue while the right was normal white], they scratched my bumper while removing it. The service advisor told me about it and scheduled another day to fix it. I thought this was cool as they could've gave it back and left it for me to find days later with no proof that they did it.

I also went to get some tires mounted and balanced on my new Axis rims at the Merchants. I made an appointment early in the morning a week in advance, yet they had me there four hours and haven't even touched my car. I was told I was "17th" in line and I nearly had a heart attack. So I walked over to Sport [across the street], asked if they could slide me in, and they did so within the next hour and at half the cost Merchants were going to charge [$40 vs $90].

Sometime last year I took my door apart, handles and everything and it closed on me. Without a way to open it back up and not being able to mess with the lock/unlock mechanism from the little window gap, I dropped it off and said do whatever it takes. They got it back to me the same afternoon.

Also my service advisor is pretty cute.
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