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Originally Posted by Camaro_23 View Post
Hi All,

Im not sure if this was already posted or not, but I am looking for suggestions on wax and car care products. It has been a long time since I wanted to keep every speck of dirt off of any of my cars, but I can not stop cleaning my new Camaro.

Are there any new wax products that I should know of? A few years ago, I heard the "Blue Coral" products were best. What about the easy spray on and wipe off products? Since I seem to be washing every little speck of dust.

Also, the use of sham cloths still OK?

Armor All still ok for tires? Interior dash and such?

What about rims?

Sorry, just dont want to use something that is old or outdated, if there are new and improved products.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions! :-)
I think you'll find that everyone is going to have their favorites and although no one product is necessarily better than another (well, in most cases anyway), you have to find what you enjoy using the most.

With that said, the p21s products mentioned in this thread are wonderful. We carry a full line of P21s Products. We can have them to you in 1 day too
The paintwork cleanser and concours carnauba wax are awesome and very easy to work with.

Now, as for tires and interiors, I love Bold n Bright on tires, which is a water based tire dressing. Awesome imo.
For interiors, its hard to beat 303 aerospace protectant which also comes in a handy 8oz trial size

For rims, the p21s wheel cleaner is nice as it is very gentle. However, for more heavily soiled rims, consider P21s Wheel Gel

Hope this helps! let me know if I can help answer more questions or give guuidance on how to use any of the above mentioned products
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