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Originally Posted by laynlo15 View Post
See, I just had to have Paul make a call. We are good to go. We will have two trailers there, mine with the Magnuson logo and the new one from Magnuson, but I don't think its been lettered yet. See you on Thursday at the track to set up. Can't wait and its my favorite race to the year. I'll be there the next weekend for Car Craft also. Paul is going to keep my car and trailer there and race it on Tuesday and then I'll come back on Friday to give it another beat down.
We made it happen..

Originally Posted by oneredry View Post
Do we know if he will be there for sure? I'd like to have him sign my car as well.
He's never missed one yet.

Originally Posted by oneredry View Post
ohh! maybe I should hop over on that page more often!
All that was posted over here too. These threads should always be pretty current.

For the latest schedules though... we have a download section that you can print stuff.
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