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Originally Posted by Wtgrantham View Post
This is my second CamaroFest, met up with a friend of mine last year and took my wife down with me this year. Both years stayed across the street at the Courtyard by Marriott. I love seeing all the Camaros and everybodyís custom touches, also loved going to the track and watching the races as well as seeing all of the vendors and u tube folks I see often online.

My biggest disappointment I think both years is how fragmented or segmented the crowd is. I always think it will be a huge party with a lot of folks that have a lot in common but it just has the feel of different groups of friends staying to themselves. Everyone is very friendly if you approach them and ask questions but they arenít seeking you out. I thought the meet and greet would be a great place to socialize but just ended up being lots of people getting in line to get the stuff they paid for and getting a plate of free food, not very social. Even the Camaro folks in my hotel stayed to themselves and never struck up conversation, heck, couldnít even get a wave on the street from most Camaro folks while driving my own ZL1.
I guess everyone is busy doing there own thing and hanging with their clubs and friends and hanging around their own cars.
Iím not being critical of the event, Iíll go again, just sharing my disappointment in the social aspect of it. I wanted to hang out with some cool Camaro folks and drink some beers and chat about our cars, but just never felt a place to do that.
Maybe its due to our hotel being across the street and not having a car or ďcampĒ in the main parking lot, Iíll try that next year I think.

Iím curious of the number of cars this year vs last year, felt like less to me. Wonder if that was just my impression because of the change in where Camaro parking was this year?

Anyway, much appreciation to all the folks who put in the work and allow us to have CamaroFest

Interesting. I didn't find this to be the case at all. I stayed at the Courtyard by Marriott as well (mine was the 50th anniversary car in the lot) and I literally met 10 people before I made it back out to my car.

Everyone I passed in the lot gave me a head nod, met dozens of folks asking questions and looking over my car and got a wave from better than 1/2 of the Camaros (and some Vette Owners) I passed on the road.
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