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You may have been there a few years after I stopped going. I was HEAVILY into the "scene" from 1991-1996 or so. Had a few different cars during that time. Then I got back into dirt bikes and MX. Took a breather from cars, but got back into cars around 2003ish.

My friend Tim (rip) had a Calypso green 5.0 like the one in your picture in the background. His was an LX 5.0 though, called "Pony Express". I don't recognize any of the other cars in the pics and I don't recall seeing the Street Fighter banner on anything. We used to race at Killian road, the industrial park in Amherst, or sometimes we would go out to Lawrence Bell drive. But mainly we would just cruise NFB and Sheridan and catch lights. Good times!

BTW, the first autocross was this past Sunday. Conditions were less than optimal lol. Ultra High Performance summer tires and heavy rain do not mix well. I ended up 3rd out of 6 in my class. Watch the video and notice the steering. You can see me correcting the oversteer a lot, but what you can't tell is how bad the understeer (push) is. The winner was in an 80's fox bod Mustang with all seasons.

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