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Originally Posted by Nb1081 View Post
I think i seen him and that camaro at lancaster last year with the outlaws
The street fighter started with bixbe who i think married priors sister
Did you know valvo another pj car gren gray gt i think he still has that to him and prior were pretty even back then
Ubrf dont ring a bell but a lot of the times i need reminders lol especialy seeing almost 20 yrs ago but it was always a good drama free time
Dave Bixby= Shifty, on all the forums. I run into him a few times a year at Cars+Coffee events. He has a newer Shelby GT500 now, baby blue. Gorgeous car.

Valvo= Big Hands, on the forums. He still has that car, plus another one now that has a turbo.

I'm sure me and you have 30-40 mutual friends.
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