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As per the request of another user, here are some pics of my EL Wire lighting I did with my 2011 Camaro.

I'll make this short. I had planned on doing a complete writeup on how to do this, but I lost her in a wreck and just never had the heart to finish it. Sorry guys.

TL : DR version
Use EL Wire with the tail to wedge it in the door panels and splice into existing power supplies to windows switches to power the EL wire.

Would I do it again? Close call, but "No".

- While it looks great, the wire is made of cheap plastic that curls. looks somewhat unprofessional in the end.

- GOOD GOD THE NOISE. The build called for 3 transformers. Looking back, I may have been able to get away with 1, but still. I tried silencing the high pitched noise with foam, towels, and even sealing the whole thing in silicone. The noise drove me INSANE. Not worth it. Not until they make something better.

Now that i have a 2012 with existing door lighting, I only have to do the dash.

- Is the ABL power harness pre-wired into the 2012's?
- Does it have power?

If so, I may just do another EL wire rig with 1 t transformer.
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