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The reason I mentioned the vararam is because the 2010 is one of two years the 10-11 that can run the ram air with a tilt of the radiator and ram air does when doing high speed actually help. Personally I run a CAI industries for cooling and its not cheap but like anything in life often you get what you pay for.
A couple HP down the road is not going to affect much down the road for the average joe, but should you get more serious and build things much more it multiplies and that restriction of heat soak or poor flow may choke things...and In the day Spectre was a cheap place to make things like universal carburetor linkage I could pick up for Hollys or Edelbrock carburetors, and other small stuff others did not make, now yes they make a cheap tube to look nicer than stock... Appearance is not everything but its a lot of what sells.. Good Luck. We all know what opinions are like, if you ask for them only yours really matters...…..

Things change over time, taste varies but purpose that's what matters, Me I like spartan bare aluminum look and I now have a cover for the fuse box and brake reservoir in aluminum and a cover for the ABS I wont use until I get a stock shock tower brace because I don't want to alter it much...and sell the old one most likely unless I get another gen 5 again.

I want to eventually most likely get the GPI ls7 small bore heads in a couple years with the MSD airforce and clean things up to max out more the N/A engine with high torque being my goal. But you see that's my taste, If I wanted a zl1 for FI I would go there, me I just like a new old school ride for my daily for now, life is short and so is money...…...LOL
And yes BTW back when I had the mail slot scanner on the car they seem to last about 1 year they are without a doubt a POS and they made them better at first actually molded and covered in resin coated plastic, I will never buy one again just for a Christmas parade with underbody lights and such they are frankly not worth the money the ones that are out there I have seen on here over the reason you don't see them much...…… I have the stock mail slot cover on it now as things change like stripes etc....and it all costs $$$$$$$$$$$
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