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Originally Posted by Blehner View Post
You have basically what i want in my car...

Love it.. I'm only 2 week into owning mine, and already have the list of things I am doing to it.

Tinted tail lights, and side markers, Windows.

But I'm stuck on either getting my Stock RS rims Black Chromed or buying a set of 20" Black Chrome Havoc rims and using my stock rims for winter.. Living in MN I wouldn't dare use summer rims in the winter
Glad to see your enjoying the camaro. Also, welcome to C5 The tinted windows were the first thing I did. Then I got headlightarmor's show/stealth tints for the taillights and side markers.

With me at least, most of my mods come down to plain numbers (hp and monetarily). I will buy used parts if I can, I mean they function the same but may be scuffed up. And then I also bargain hunt. For example, the Havoc black chrome wheels go for around $1,100 last time I checked. When I got my wheels powder coated gloss black the guy wanted $700 to do black chrome. So I mean if you are in need of a second set of rims then I'd say go for the Havocs. Also, another heads up. I got the Pirrelli Scorpions Ice and Snow tires for my winter wheels. They ran me just under a grand. But if you want what will turn more heads I'd say the Havocs.
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