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I have two best memories....

1. Watching the video of my two young boys going crazy when I won my first drag race!

2. On Friday night we drove around the town in a huge convoy. We were driving our Transformer Edition when I looked in my rearview mirror and saw the car that had the front end and hood of the "Real Bumblebee". It was so cool seeing that and my kids loved it. My the way...The black Decepticon camaro just had to pass us during the cruise.
Ordered 9July09-2SS,RS,Transformer
1100 = Preliminary Order:7/13/09-NMGCZB
3000 = Accepted By Production Control-09/14/2009
3400 = Broadcast:09/14/2009
3800 = Produced:09/17/2009 2G1FK1EJ5A9147250
4000 = Available to ship 28Sept
4200 = Shipped-Rail-Detroit at 3AM on 5Oct, Departed for Miami, Ohio @ 3AM, arrived in Cincinnati, Ohio, 7 Oct 0749 arrived in Louisville Kentucky,at Kane Ave Tenn.@ 8:30PM,left for Wauhatchie, Tennesee 10Oct,Waycross GA10Oct,Jacksonville FL 11 Oct.
5000 = Delivered to the dealer 14Oct09
6000 = Delivered to the customer 17Oct09
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