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Talking **next Mods over HP gains. Help Please

I drive 2011 Camaro v6.
So far I have Injen CAI, MRT v2, and Megan Racing coilovers.

I am a car noooob idiot and really do not know much about what my next mods should be.

So here are my questions.

1. Headers. So far, the BBK LT headers + X pipes seem to be the best hp+ headers I have seen. Is there any other good ones out there????? if yes, how much hp+ ???

2. E85. Is this really worth it?? Won't I be wasting too much gas.... ?? my camaro is a daily drive car

3. Gear Upgrade to 3.73. Would this upgrade be a "smart" choice for now? Other than turbo kits, is there any other recommendation of mods that would increase a decent amount of hp+ ??

Thank you so much guys.
!!! help
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