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Originally Posted by 1BADLS3 View Post
Bump. Any more info on a fix for the reservoir/cap itself?? I'm sure there are others like me that just want the problem fixed instead of having to install a 2nd reservoir. It sounds like replacing the OE cap with another OE cap doesn't work either. :(
Originally Posted by clg_98ta View Post
My second cap is leaking too and I have the manual tranny... does anyone with the A6 have the leaking reservoir problem?
Here is the way i see this, When GM mixed the reservoir's what they for got is that on the clutch side we move the pedal faster then the brake's side, that makes the fluid return faster then the brake fluid, With them using a cap made for a brake reservoir that is made to be open to the air that is why it leak's, the clutch reservoir is a thread on cap so its made to keep Fluid in.
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