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Size:  165.8 KBI love the photo! I have only one thing to say about it though


I would rather have the hertz rental shelby gt-h over the gt500
Looks better and and will be worth more money in the long run.

It's my opinion , but ford has to many kinds of this mustang and about 10 different models of the stang body packages.
Don't get me wrong some are awesome looking , but they are all still the stang style that has older mustang lovers hating this new sedan body style. Remember mustangs are not supposed to be pricey (42000 dollars is corvette pricing for a shelby gt500 ) and wiegh less than most other cars in its class (shelby gt500 :3900+ Lbs ,my 05 gto wieghs less and the shelby gt500 with a supercharger on it is only 0.01 seconds faster 0-60 according to motortrend magazine in its test runs)

Just a little info for ford fans and those thinking of buying a furd lately.
And the camaro said there Is a better way, for I am the way, the route, & the RIDE!!!

My first car was a 72 ss
I've owned 9 camaro's over the yrs...:

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