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I've got a few service manuals and they all show the MIL circuit as a brown and white wire. Mine are a Vette and Silverado manuals, but I'd suspect Camaro should use the same wire color coding.

I'd trace the wire bundles from the ECM and see if any of the wiring is near where you were working. Maybe a wire got pinched near the fuel rails, things are pretty tight in there. In all the wiring on the engine you touched during the install, see if you can see a brown and white wire. If you find that wire, see if it is pinched anywhere. Also check all the ECM/ignition/engine related fuses.

Maybe one of the ECM grounds lost connection. That main ground on the right head tight? An ECM ground or power feed may make more sense. If it were just a MIL circuit problem, only the code would be the symptom. With that code and an engine performance problem, an ECM problem, ECM ground, or ECM power feed seems to make more sense.

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