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Looking for new filter for my CAI; recommendations?

Hi Guys...first two paragraphs havesome background info with the problem, jump to third paragraph if you want to get to the point .

I have a Roto-Fab intake system on my car and I'm looking to get a new (oiled) filter for it. I don't know what it is, but I've just been having too many problems with it. Last summer I started with their dry filter and the initial throttle response was non-existant so they sent me an oiled filter to try. It was much better and more responsive.

I re-oiled it recently after it started feeling sluggish after the winter and my MPG dropped drastically. I tried re-oiling again with less oil and the problem still existed. I went back and tried a dry filter and the MPG was better, but still had the problem of the lack of responsiveness. So far I can't seem to get back to the responsiveness/power of when I first got their oil filter last summer, so I'm looking to try something new.

Anyone have a recommendation for an oiled filter that will fit with the Roto-Fab setup (not sure if CAI setups are universal for sizing??) and is known for good air flow for responsiveness/power?

Thanks guys.
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