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Originally Posted by CurtiSSWatson View Post
What all is contributing to the weight loss besides the seat delete?

Nice build
In response to some inquiries on where the weight loss is coming from i have decided to make a list.

Spare Tire w/wrench kit - 50 lbs
Rear Seats - 45 lbs
Rear Seat Belts - 3.6 lbs
Floor Mats (front Pair) - 4.8 lbs
Wind Shield Washer Reservoir - 12 lbs
Carbon Fiber Hood - 8 lbs
Factory Reproduction Style 41 ZL Wheels - 32 lbs (8 lbs lighter per wheel over 18" heritage wheels)
Splash Guards - 8 lbs
3" Stainless Steel Exhaust (Straight Piped) - Approximately 50 lbs

I also stripped the rear half of the car; however, I did not weight the 'trim' pieces before tossing them. Despite my weight reduction goals, weight has been added. Upgrading to the SS brembo setup added weight; v6 brakes with lines, pads, calipers, rotors weigh in at 124 lbs. The Front SS Brembo's with GM pads, and GM hose weigh 12.4 lbs, while the Rear Brembo's weigh 6.4 lbs with GM pads and hose which totals 37.6 lbs. The Stock SS rotors weigh 23.6 lbs and 24.4 lbs which totals 96 lbs for all four. So im looking at 134 lbs for the SS brembo setup and 124 lbs for the v6 setup, so I added approximately 10 lbs.

Cipher Harness Bar - 25 lbs

I do not have the weights for the following items;
OEM coilovers vs Lingenfelter Supercar Drag Coilovers
OEM lower control arms vs BMR lower control arms
OEM toe rods vs BMR toe rods
OEM trailing arms vs BMR trailing arms

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