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Bought GMPP for peace of mind, now service dept wants me to give ok on $1400 labor

First off, sorry for the wrong subforum, just want more exposure/help/opinions on this.

Ok so I got a Check Engine Light and I went to the dealership to get it checked out.

I have GMPP coverage for another 30 some thousand miles. I have 68k miles but my car is over 6 years old so original powertrain warranty is not in effect.

I don't really understand all this and need help from you all so I'm just gonna say what they told me: CEL code is P008. They want to open up the oil pan to check the reluctor to see if it's slipped. If it has, they are going to change the reluctor and crankshaft and timing belt. They will also see if the timing chain is loose (ie slack in it) which can cause damage to the reluctor and other parts of the engine.

They have said that they can't start work without the ok on 12 hours of labor which is $1400.

Is this not covered by GMPP?? What should I do?

Mods: Air intake and catch can. Everything else is cosmetic. Camaro is a 2010 V6.


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