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Originally Posted by NYCamOwner View Post
Do they know you have GMPP? Have you had them check to see if it is covered under GMPP? My old dealership would always try to give me the bill unless I asked them to check to see if it was covered or not first. That is why they are my "old" dealership.
They know. I asked them to check it if is covered and they are going to let me know for certain soon.

First time going to a dealership in South Florida. Unfortunately I had to leave my old favorite one that treated me well when I moved.

Originally Posted by steakmaker View Post
Man , I'd call GM, don't take the Dealer's word on it. There's dealerships on this site that help us out all the time, search for one & see if they can help you out. I wish you luck.
What number would I call?

Thanks for the help

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