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Originally Posted by Joshcamaro View Post
Hi im new to this site and finally chose to join a site for help since i cant find what i need on google/ask.

I have a 1989 camaro rs it has a 2.8 v6 in it when i bought it but it was factory with a v8. alot of things on the v6 were "rigged" together to make it run and it recently blew a rod.

Ive been looking for an engine and have a few questions on what to do or any help anyone of you experienced people can offer.

1. will a '83 2.8 swap easily in to my camaro?
2. are the engine mounts for a v8 and a v6 in the 89's the same or different?

any suggestions on what to do would help alot. and i dont have a very big budget probably $400-600 maybe 800

Thanks, Josh.
Now when you say factory V8 you mean it was a V8 RS with a 305 Small block V8?

If so you could just find a used 305 TPI (tune port injection) engine for around 1000 complete (Alt, starter, everything attached) or less for a partially complete engine.

The sticky part will be making sure the trans is original and if it'll mate up with a new engine, as well as rewiring the ECU/Computer for the new V8. Your best bet for an online encyclopedia for help on this would be

But in the end, know that dropping a 305 into the car if it was originally a 305 would be the easiest, since the harness should still match the plugs for the donor engine (assuming 89 TPI 305).
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