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Originally Posted by Jeff@HellionPowerSystems View Post

click above to view Hellion's latest offering.
Originally Posted by dracer98 View Post
Just a few questions?

How does 5.5lbs of boost make 587hp and 597 ft/lbs? Assuming the stock engine made 370 rwhp - 5.5psi would produce 510hp at 100% efficiency - If you are quoting crank hp then 425 would turn into 586 - you must be quoting Eng hp not rear wheel.

7.5lbs would be 642 eng hp.

Your numbers make perfect sense and your video is a nice puff piece for Hellion. How do you tame down the compressor nice?

Can you really make 646hp with a 52lb injector? – What pump does that require?
Did you ever get an answer to this?
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