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Originally Posted by Bryan1LE View Post
I picked up my 1LE in May, and have been loving every minute of it! It's been to two road courses, several autocrosses, and 22 1/4 mile passes.
I've been steadily improving my 1/4 mile times with practice, figuring out tire pressures, and getting better air. A week ago I got down to a 13.07 at MCIR in LaRue, OH, and yesterday I gave it one last shot to break into the 12's while it's still stock.
I went to National Trail Raceway near Columbus, OH and the conditions were great... 60deg, sunny, tailwind, sticky track. Ran a 12.858 @ 112!
I'm not sure what others are finding, but I've been down, up, and in-between with rear tire pressures (20-35psi), and got my best 60' and ET's with 34-35psi. Dropping pressures just seemed to make it wheel hop more and run slower on the big end. Also, I'm walking it out of the hole from about 2500rpm, shifting a little easy into 2nd to avoid wheel spin and bog (which I've been told is the torque management) and then powershifting 3rd and 4th.
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Nice run! You just posted the fastest stock 1LE time so far. You would be #1 on the 1LE fast list if you want to post. You would also be #1 on the modified 1LE fast list. I needed DRs and a CAI to run as fast as you. Also that 112 trap speed is the highest I have see anywhere for stock non-ZL1 Camaros and I think the best 60' on the Goodyears.

With LTs and no tune I am at 12.42@114 But I know there is more. I was not aware of that easing into second trick. I will have to try that. With TC off I get all three shifts to bark, I wonder if that is hurting my times?

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