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ZL1 Upgrades Installed on a FE3 2010 SS

The Camaro SS FE4 suspension moves the rear sway bar endlink / drop link mounting close to the knuckle to increase efficiency. The stock bars are now solid 23mm front and 24mm rear. The ZL1 will have 25mm solid front bars and 28mm solid rear bars. Chevrolet moved from hollow to solid bars for strength and durability. They did well, very well

Pedders exists to take Modern Muscle to the next level and we have a particular affinity for the 5th Gen Camaro. Our FE4 / FE5 sway bars are solid. The front is 27mm and adjustable. The rears are 32mm. Our bar sets are sold with high efficiency OEM quiet front end-links and fixed position drop- links. How do they perform, do you really need to ask? The owner of this Camaro is a law enforcement professional with countless hours of driver training. His professional opinion -- 'Holy shit, man! The front HOOKED not even CLOSE to breaking traction and the back end stayed right with it. I mean....when the car turns, it TURNS.'

Our FE4 / 5 rear sway bars can be retro fit to any 5th Gen Camaro. The new Camaro rear lower control arms have the 'old' style close to the differential endlink mounting tabs and the 'new' close to the knuckle mounting hole. This is a smart choice by Chevrolet as one common part number can be used on all versions of the 5th Gen Camaro. The new OE lower rear control arms are inexpensive.

Why did Chevrolet make the change in rear sway bar geometry and size? To make the 5th Gen handle better. From day one of the 5th Gen the bias of the car has been heavy on understeer. This is a function of weight distribution, wheel base, track, wheel and tire size and of course sway bar strength. The FE4 addresses both with improved rear sway bar geometry and sway bar strength. The old bars were hollow. The new bars are solid, the material is stronger. The old bars were almost the same diameter (strength) front and rear. The new FE4 rear bar is 1mm larger than the front. It doesn't sound like much, but coupled with the increase in efficiency of the new outboard mounting position it is a big difference. The FE4 Camaro is far more balanced that the FE3 SS. It is more neutral and handles better in the corners.

The new FE5 ZL1 takes this all on steroids. The front bar goes up in size to 25mm and the rear bar a huge jump to 28mm. Talk about balance from the factory

At Pedders, even great isn't good enough. We have been using a dumbed down rear alignment with a 32mm bar to reduce understeer and improve cornering. We set the rear camber to half the front camber or even less. The on track results were excellent. We feel we had a ZL1 two years ago with our Pedders USA Camaro. Now, there is a ZL1 so we have been hard at work with our partners at Lingenfelter on the L/28. When you next see the L/28 it will be running Pedders new FE4 / FE5 / ZL1 sway bars.

Here is the new rear bar complete with Pedders drop-link. The rear bar is NOT adjustable because the FE5 / FE5 / ZL1 drop link design is most efficient when straight up at rest.

The new 32mm bar takes up space, but there are ZERO clearance issues.

To get the aggressive alignment we wanted Pedders Extended Range Rear Camber and Toe bolts are necessary. They increase the adjustment range by 1 degree or in layman's terms a lot. We achieve this result my moving the eccentric to the outer edge of the bolt. The eccentrics are cut on a water jet, assembled in a jig and welded. This is a time consuming process. To finish the bolts we have them cadmium plated.

Eccentrics have a bad habit of drifting under high loads. We address that with more material. We make our eccentrics out of stock that is much thicker than the OEM bolts. More material means more strength and improved holding power.

We use a thick 'holding' nut and a thin jam nut. Unlike quenched nuts, you can use these again and again.

FE4 / FE5 / ZL1 Track Alignment

Caster: Max it out with Pedders Caster Eccentrics
Camber: -2.3 Do NOT run a strut tower bar, let the car work for you in the turns. If you have one, take it off
Toe: OUT .5

Camber -2.5
Toe: IN .20

Pedders Full Camaro Alignment Kit is required.

Heath Bratcher, owner of American Muffler / Pedders in Fredericksburg Texas, Jimmy his lead Pedders Tech, myself and TAG UR IT

We'll have these bars available in about 60 days. I'll have confirmed dates for the initial production run in a day or two for the made in the USA Pedders FE4 / FE5 / ZL1 27mm adjustable front with high efficiency OEM quiet front endlinks and 32mm rear bar with drop-links kits as well as pricing.

Yes, we will have a retro-fit 32mm rear bar and drop links ONLY option for our clients that ready have our front bars.

Yes we will take pre-orders so you can be certain to start your driving season with the new FE4 / FE5 / ZL1 bars.

If you have a ZL1 on order, now would be the ideal time to order your Pedders upgraded sway bars.

If you drag race, you'll want to upgrade to Pedders FE4 / FE5 / ZL1 32mm rear bar with OEM Drop-links to improve control of the rear wheels and load distribution. Yes we will have a drag race kit.

Yes, Pedders Extended Range Alignment Bolts are IN Stock.

GM FE4 / ZL1 Style Rear Lower Control Arms -- The part numbers for the FE4 / ZL1 Rear Lower Control Arms #20942237 Chevrolet MSRP $53 Each

FE4 / ZL1 Sway Bar Camaro5 Priority Buyer's List

1. MSW444
2. Addiction
3. Dragoneye
5. Avalnch
6. 600hp-lpe
7. 2ss-booya

ZL1 Conversion Packages for 2010 and 2011 FE2 and FE3 Camaros Pricing and Pre-Buy Information are now online.

ZL1 Sway Bar Upgrades and ZL1 Suspension Packages are now online.


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