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hi bud, the Front Sway Bar (1LE) - 22812946 includes the Bushings, Clamps,
dose the Rear Sway Bar (ZL1, 1LE) - 22786260 include the Bushings, Clamps too ? do they need to be ordered ? thank you again !

Originally Posted by nak3dsnake View Post
Thanks to MS3DALE, I was able to get a hold of the FE6 parts numbers from the 1LE. I know some of you are eager to get your hands on them so I'm going to share. I also marked each one to show what packages also use those parts so no one orders something they already have!

Strut Tower Brace (LT, SS, 1LE) - 22756880
Front Wheel Hubs (ZL1, 1LE) (2) - 22924741
Rear Wheel Hubs (ZL1, 1LE) (2) - 22924740
Front Coil Spring (SS, 1LE) (2) - 92245257
Front Strut (1LE) (passenger side) - 22812984
Front Strut (1LE) (drivers side) - 22812985
Front Sway Bar (1LE) - 22812946
Front Sway End Link (SS, ZL1, 1LE) (passenger side) - 22842515
Front Sway End Link (SS, ZL1, 1LE) (drivers side) - 22842516
Rear Shock Mount (1LE) (passenger side upper) - 22922446
Rear Shock Mount (1LE) (driver side upper) - 22922445
Rear Coil Spring (SS, 1LE) (2) - 92195466
Rear Shocks (1LE) (2) - 22812987
Rear Sway Bar (ZL1, 1LE) - 22786260
Rear Sway Bar Endlink (SS, ZL1, 1LE) (2) - 22761221
Rear Lower Control Arm (SS, ZL1, 1LE) (2) - 20942237 (Needed for 2010-2011 cars for sway bar conversion)
Rear Toe Link (ZL1, 1LE) (2) - 22845487
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