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Originally Posted by yesno20102ssblack View Post
Sorry about the delay I am new to posting information on sites But I thought I could help I have receive several E-mails and answered everyone
I worked for a GM dealer for 18 years and still have friends in the business
Here is some add additional information directly off of Dealerworld just to show you I can do what I say


2010 CAMARO Product Update Ambient Lighting on 2LT and 2SS Models: There have been many inquiries from customers who saw a very early pre-production photo of the Camaro interior. The photo displayed a blue ambient light traveling across the top of the door panel inserts and on to the dash. This early concept proved to be very popular, and the product team worked on developing a similar feature for the production model.
As a result, an ambient lighting feature is now a standard condition with the start of production on all 2LT and 2SS models. This light will have a light blue tint with Black, Neutral and Gray interiors, and reddish-orange tint when the Inferno Orange Interior Package is ordered. This feature is only in the door panels and not across the dash as the concept photo originally illustrated.
This feature is not an orderable option, but will be included on all 2LT and 2SS models at the start of production. No action is required by the customers or dealers to receive this feature.
Constraint Update:
As you prepare for order submission, you need to be aware of a few ordering constraints that will impact the initial first weeks of production:
Camaro LS and LT models (V6 models) will be very limited.
Cyber Gray Exterior Color (code: GBV) will not be available.
Hurst Short Throw Shifter LPO (code: VYV) will not be available.

Order for these models or options will not be processed, and steps should be taken to avoid submission of these impacted orders.
Early Ordering Ends March 15, 2009
Customer sold orders entered into the ordering system on or before March 15, 2009, will be recognized as part of the Early Ordering Activity. These customers will receive a Camaro Welcome Kit, and their orders will receive a special factory processing option code (R6P). This code acknowledges the order was part of the activity and appears in such places as the invoice and window label.

Old news.
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