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Originally Posted by usmcjlp View Post

It is getting harder and harder to support GM. First their management runs the company into the ground. They take tons of taxpayer money, which will never be repaid. GM takes 3 years to get this car to market and apparently it has so many design flaws that every week we hear of a new major issue. Yes I consider L99s with no power and transmission shafts shearing under normal driving conditions a major flaw. I drive 2 American cars because that's what I prefer. But really, when was the last time you heard of Honda launching a new vehicle with these issues?

Not to mention, the UAW works a back room deal with the white house for salaries and benefits that far exceeds the market average. Obviously, that doesn't translate into better quality. Before I get flamed here, loose nuts on spoilers, A pillars not installed properly, and major paint issues are all indications of poor workmanship. GM's design has nothing to do with failing to adequately tighten 4 nuts on the spoiler. That is a half ass work ethic and nothing else.

I am a system engineer. I currently work on procurement and development of aviation platforms. I have designed and written test and evaluation protocols for new systems. As someone who is very familiar with writing requirements and their associated tolerances, I am amazed at what I see slipping through GM's process. GM has got to know they are under a microscope. I personally want to see the American Auto industry come back. This is not helping.

Hmmm. Interesting thoughts there USMCJLP, but I must ask you a few questions before I react. When was the last time you were as in tune with what happens with Honda's new releases as you are with Chevy's new releases? If there was truly a back room deal with the UAW do you think they would let "Joe Public" know about it? And lastly how do you know GM wont pay the money back? Chrysler paid back the money they got in the 80s.

I actually have to agree with the workmanship issue you bring up. I think (know) that the lack of workmanship is a direct reflection of the attitude of the American worker in our country. This attitude has been perpetuated by managements inability to hold the worker and itself accountable for its actions. Therefore the patients think they can run the asylum. And before someone says "IT THE UNIONS FAULT", let me say that Owners/management made their own bed. They are the ones who make the decisions. Labor just follows orders given by the Owners/management.

This is a first MY car and GM is 4 months into production. I think GM is doing a respectable job of catching (with customers help) and addressing the issues this car is having. (all things considered) Bravo to GM for halting production on the V8 manual until they resolve the issue. In years past they would have just let it ride until they could get it swept under the rug.

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