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I have a 2006 BMW 330xi and it has had more problems than my 2002 Ford Explorer over the years. My 2001 Miata is the best car I've ever owned, and it has a clutch issue that was never fixed under warranty. If you are complaining that it took THREE YEARS to bring the Camaro to market, you know NOTHING about cars. Five years is a typical development cycle, and we are lucky enough to get these cars as soon as they did. Of course they will have production hick-ups, for God's sake they can't keep up with the orders.

And not to rant here, but EVERY carmaker is in the crapper right now, precious Toyota, Honda, Mercedes, BMW. The only one turning a miniscule profit is Hyundai and they aren't traded in the US, so who knows how accurate that information is.

I hated GM cars for years, but they have been trying their damnedest to bring good products to the table for the last seven years and we are just now seeing the fruits of that labor. A Cadillac is tearing up BMWs IN GERMANY. Ever think that day would come? GM was a victim of bad timing, like a lot of companies in this recession. I can only hope, for all of our sake's that they survive and continue to rebound.
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