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Are you getting your own service or going to use pre paid cards???

My only small complaint is my Virgin phone / which uses sprint network is long distance to call from a land line. Cause its pre pay and that local + crap.

As my number is really from somewhere in Cleveland, which means to call my phone from Walmart where I bought it or just a few miles from there at home with a land line, I must dial a 1 and you know what that means........ long distance charges, though other cell phones don't get charged that, only land lines.

Course I would not blame them 100% its that new local plus crap when they merged half of Ohio into the 419 area code creating that local + BS.
Looks like a local number but you must dial a 1 first.

Though I stick with it as they are the only ones who get good service out here. Plus I only pay $20 every 90 days.
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