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Originally Posted by camaro1 View Post
most everything you buy at walmart is made to walmart specs, might look the same as item at other stores but they are not,, check out laptops and tv's they all have a slightly different part number for an item that looks exactly the same

there was posting somewhere about all the differances from a walmart item compared to other stores,, the one i rememer was about a big screen tv, same model purchased from best buy and one from walmart. taken out of the box and the walmart one was like 5-10# lighter due to cheaper parts used in the build
Pretty easy to blame that on Walmart but they do not tell anyone how to build anything, what they do is say we will only sell it for a discount.

Its the manufactures who decided to build a cheaper version, then let you get a deal on it.

Only blame you could lay on Walmart is for being to big.
Only that lets them demand lower prices for the customers.
And again only them being so big like that can a manufacture produce items just for them and still profit form it. If Walmart was a bit smaller, the manufactures could not make two types of the same items and come out ahead.
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