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Originally Posted by Mr_Draco View Post
I was thinking about buying the Droid 2 from Walmart because with Walmart it's free after a mail in rebate where as Verizon it's $120 after rebate. The thing they didn't tell me until I was getting ready to buy it is these type of phones (Verizon, ATT, etc) require a 2 year contract with Walmart and the cheapest contract they have is $90 a month for a smart phone (we pay less then that for 4 phones with Verizon and Walmart wants $90 a month for 1 phone!). I didn't want the contract, I just wanted the phone so I asked how much without a contract as I already have a contract with Verizon and all I got was "Walmart does not sell these phones by themselves. You must purchase a 2 year contract with Walmart's Straight Talk." Even after asking for a manager, that's all I got and was told that if all I wanted was a phone to buy one of their cheap Tracfone or Net10 phone. I went to two separate Walmarts and got the same answer.

So right now I'm waiting till Verizons cost comes down some as I'm not getting a 2 year contract with Walmart's inferior Straight Talk when I have one with Verizon.
Really? That's interesting...might have to make some calls now...
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