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Originally Posted by 90503 View Post
I don't claim to be track expert by any means, but I do feel the "3 seconds faster" thing was a little vague. Perhaps not misleading, but does leave a lot to the imagination....

In the long run, I don't think they will finalize a Z/28 that "under-performs" the Zl-1, no matter what it takes to accomplish that. In fact, I think they've got their sites set on a lot bigger fish in the track world...
Yes yes, agreed. This is why I am assuming (my opinion only) that the ring times were a flop against the current zl1 and GM is gonna squeeze more out of the car. So I bet we shall get some announcements of new cuts and mods to the car soon.
"505 HP 427, surprise we meant 600hp 427."
"Did we suggest 3700 lbs, we meant 3300, with an aluminum frame, magnesium sub frame, and balsa wood floors and carbon hood roof trunk wheels trunk floor. Lithium battery too. Price is now only 110,000, but it beat the zl1 at the ring by 8 seconds"
Haha, still if they went that far with the mods, that would be awesome for Camaro people everywhere. I say hell.yeah.
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