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So here is my input as a v6 racer and as a brand new drag racer as well. I went to learn and have fun and potentially set the LGX record.. I had no anticipation of winning a trophy as I knew there would be faster V6 cars there.

Pro's to running the time category is it makes it alot more fun to watch I love the idea of v6 vs v8 and i4 all running together because of similar times..

Con's are for brand new drivers learning like myself I ran a 12.1 12.1 12.0 12.0 and then an 11.8 simply because I was learning how to launch and get better but I would have disqualified myself simply because I launched better on my last go with a 1.9 60ft.. This would be frustrating to lose in this situation..

For those people that know their cars know what RPM launch is going to get the close to what time and DA effects are going to it makes sense.

Just something to think about.
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