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Originally Posted by hrpiii View Post
I don't think there would be any rule that said you couldn't put yourself in a faster class if you wanted to. Just like brackets for those guys that are on the line, you pick and do the best you can. We have to remember this is a "fun" event first, and if we get away from that and make it so competitive, you will drive many away those that ONLY drag their cars at this event. The weekend warriors that drag race, have events all year long to be competitive with. We all love competition, bragging rights and just seeing what our cars can do.

We have a whole year to see what options are out there and how to make it competitive, fun, and help those that are their for the first time, learn a lot and have them "enjoy" their cars on a different level.

I agree this should be a festival first and competition last.. I had a blast and will be back next year for sure!
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