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Originally Posted by Evil-Bee-NH View Post
I wasn't there so i can't speak for time alottment but organization seems to be the main issue creating problems. I experienced this at Fest 7 last year maybe we need a small group to help the track figure out who is there and who is not. I get finals and qualifying are a chunk but some better organizing and some competent volunteers to help would go a long way towards maximizing runs and keeping things moving. They have plenty of lanes and plenty of room in staging to leave some lanes open for test and tune until finals on the last day they just need the help i think. Having them radio the announcer or communicate with the trackside worker at the staging lane could help speed it up.
For an amateur event it was extremely well organized. I've been to plenty of other events where you get stuck sitting in lanes for hours, barely any track time... At the Fest the lanes moved fast, plenty of track time for everyone, and it even finished ahead of schedule for the finals.

Some tricks I've learned over the years:
- pit next to a PA speaker
- get a copy of the run order/lane assignments from the tower, tape it to trailer, dash...
- 3/4 days prior start drinking water and pediolyte like crazy
- day of ... keep drinking water and pediolyte like crazy, keep the electrolytes up
- pace yourself, entering multiple events/classes sounds fun, you need down time so does your car
- reduce expectations, increase patience, focus on fun... it's not the US Nationals

My only recommendations is to keep fine tuning the street oriented classes so the really fast street cars aren't forced into Unlimited. And keep Unlimited truly Unlimited..Run What You Brung with a Camaro body.

Maybe open up the grudge to all makes/models. Those Mustangs/Challengers that want to stir crap up at the hotel. Get the word out to them to join the grudge class. And put the grudge time right in the run order.
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