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Launch control - when engaged allows you to perform smoother launches. Basically you turn it on, mash the gas to the floor and it will control the throttle so that you get a decent launch. Many people feel that a good driver can outperform this automated method.

No-lift shift - shifting without releasing the gas. Allows for quicker shifting. I don't think the Camaro has this one.

New Zeta II platform - a bit of an adulteration as it's really still the Zeta platform with some enhancements versus a full new platform. This is the underlying chassis and suspension system of the Camaro. It was originally developed in Australia by GM's Holden division and has been used in the G8 here. It's been recognized as a very good platform however due to economic circumstances will probably end with the Camaro.

traction control - the car electronically manages the power to the wheels to keep them from spinning.

stability control - basicalyl traction control but for keeping the car from going sideways when turning. you can disable this and traction control in the camaro for times when you do want the tires to spin
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