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Originally Posted by BBQdDude View Post
I have a Tuesday "initial appointment". They will go out with me to reproduce. I told them this was spirited driving but no WOT. They confirmed a TSB for the peddle not coming all the way back out. I got the return pedal spring from a vendor here but hope for more than a band aid.
You talking the Lingenfelter clutch return spring kit ?. I'm installing one of those. Supposed to be here today actually.. I had taken it in awhile back because of clutch smell and they had a TSB on customer complaints of this (clutch odor) and were willing to check it out and repair if they found something. Up till then it was just a odor and I have warranty left so I didn't do it just cause it did take 'sprited driving' to happen.. But couple weeks ago after some 'SD' thru the hills, I went to do a burn out and she stuck to the floor, hit the limiter and well it just sucked... my personal opinion is the hydraulic clutch slave is just junk on these cars. Fluid over heats causing slippage and pedal issues. Was kinda hoping if there was a now known pedal issue and warranty replacement upgrade, I'd get it done.
I'd rather not have to reproduce the driving conditions for them if you know what I mean...probably scare the sh@t out of a passenger.. let me know how it works out. Thanks
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