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Originally Posted by G10 View Post
This is bullshit... Why is Aqua Blue metalic so low... if that color were still available it would be selling like crazy.
The numbers are telling different. It's not available because it wasn't selling like crazy
Originally Posted by ssump29 View Post
It's funny the 2SS and 2LTs lead the way yet if you were to read the post here you would think no one buys the 2SS since everyone always saying they don't need the extras and fake leather and blah blah. Just that shows them how wrong they were.
The ones that say they don't need leather and all the other extras didn't get a 2SS.
Originally Posted by Blade View Post
Seems like, the 1ss is almost a useless model to offer, because if someone is going to to get the V8 they might as well get the 2ss, because its absolutely illogical to spend the money on the SS and not get the full model.
I honestly don't see the point in spending more money on stuff that I neither wanted nor needed. All I wanted was the V8, Why would I want to pay 3K extra for stuff that I really don't want or need.

Why would anyone? You are making assumptions, really bad ones at that.
Originally Posted by trm0002 View Post
Better be careful- if trim levels are anything like paint, the 1SS could be heading down an ugly road... When you compare, you have to look at strictly V6 then strictly V8. The 1SS is less than 12% of the V8 volume while the V6 trims are 16.2%, 36.5%, and 47.3% respectively of the total V6 production. I would venture a guess that there is a number at which they would drop a trim level; say if 1SS falls below 7% of the V8 volume...

ONLY A GUESS PEOPLE...don't freak out.
Trim levels are not like paint. They won't just throw away a trim and offer the SS with leather only. Imagine what it would do for the market if all SS were 35K+. I know I wouldn't have bought one.
The problem with the 1SS IMO, is that it is more like what the LS is to the 2LT. Little to no options, leaves people either having to upgrade to a 2SS to get things they want(and don't). Or step down to a V6.

Maybe if they added more Options to the 1SS, we would see an increase in sales on that trim level.
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