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Originally Posted by CamaroDreams07 View Post
I was hoping to start this thread so that the real pros like Todd, Dylan, Angelo, etc., could maybe discuss the topic of DA backing plates. It seems like the most ignored part of detailing and you never really find info on them. Are there differences other than size? Why are some $35 and some $15?
The cost difference can be attributed to a number of factors in how they are made and the quality of materials they are made from. I have seen less expensive backing plates come apart or the backing material de-laminate from heat. Anything sold at is has been subject to pretty rigorous testing.

When you talk about a DA polisher, you have to remember that the machine is moving the pad in two different directions at the same time. The result is the pad is subject to a lot of internal flexing. The best analogy would be a bowl of Jello that is jiggling on itself.

Using the appropriate sized backing plate (which is in some many ways more important than the brand) will transfer as much motion through the pad to the paint. Using a backing plate that is too small will allow the the pad to jiggle on itself more. For this reason most DA backing plates are going to be made from a solid/firm material. A soft DA backing plate would absorb much of the polisher's motion.

For the most part you can use any brand DA backing plate with just about any pad you wish. There are some rare exceptions. Meguiar's MF system will operate best with their DA backing plate, for example. This is because the hook and loop's length is tuned for that system. Using another backing plate (that has a longer hook) would allow the pad to move just a little bit which would increase the heat transfer and lessen performance.
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