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Just ordered the GTS rear Black Out panel , got free shipping with my rewards points .

I think this will complete my black out look.
Going to paint the Chrome part of the Bow Tie Synergy Green . And the center is Billet Black . ..

I just have to find blackouts for the reverse light now. Any body know where to find these?

WOW..This is service from -- Parts for your car .com
I ordered the GTS Black out panel - yesterday , It's on the Fed EX truck for delivery today ... Just amazing ...

Well got the GTS Black out panel , opened it up , and 1st thing I see is the Bow Tie cut out is not level at the top . So I go try it any ways , Totally off , and not centered . Also a lot of scratches on the plastic . Very bummed . So I get hold of PFYC , and sent some pics. And another new one is on the way . Be here tomorrow . I will try that one and see how it goes . I like the look of it , but the cutout is a little big. Plus it had double back tape on it . I don't like that idea . I'll have to take that off and change to velcro tape . so it can be removed and cleaned .

But good news is , after installing my new front seat covers . I noticed the back seat covers were faded a little bit also . So i decided to get new ones. Talked to the guy I bought mine from and instead of paying full price for a set . I got the deal if you buy the complete set front & back . So they are on order .

Should get the e-brake handle from UPR tomorrow , that was on back order.

Also ordered 200 # BIO-HAZARD stickers , black circle with green symbol on them , to give out to the kids at car shows ..

Okay , got a new replacement Gts rear black out panel today, 1st one was cut uneven . & scratched. 2nd one still cut worse than the 1st one. The Bow Tie area is cut to big, so you see the color of the car around it . Suppose to be a black out panel . . Very dissappointed.
Also scratched . So returning for full refund . A big thanks to great customer service .

I think I'll go a different route . Just going to totally black out the Bow Tie only.
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