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Originally Posted by jrhaus76 View Post
The spring is a V6 thing...

I've installed several on V8s. Its easy and the exhaust is not in the way at all. You do have to lower the tranny. Its simple!

OH, and by the way... NICE CAR! Mine:

Thanks, looks like yours is lowered also. I did finish the installation today and it felt much better once I got it on the ground. Getting into reverse was very difficult while it was up on jack stands prior to starting the car and getting the tranny going.

On some lighter news, I did see a cool looking 8 ball at an auto store today for $10 that would be a cool solution for the V6 cars. My guess is that Hurst will make it right either way. My only complaint was the HURST lettering on both sides of the white ball, I would have preferred it not be there.
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