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Alright guys, here is the long awaited follow up on my findings from my catch can, my filter plug, and my magnetic drain plug. You can see that the drain plug is covered with a lot of nasty crap in the picture below. Not as much as I thought would be there, but I am still glad I'm running with it. Check it out:

Next up, I checked out the Elite Engineering Catch Can I had just installed 2 weeks earlier and I was surprised to say the least. For those that dont know, a catch can catches the oil vapors that get transfered between your crankcase and your intake plenum. The oil gets thrown in there for environmental purposes (thanks EPA) and can really gum up your intake tract. I dont drive the car a ton and it was amazing how much the can caught in such a short amount of time. I'm very glad I am running it:

And lastly, we have the filtermag. I cut it in half using a dremel tool and a metal cut off wheel. I am going to assume that some metal particles were thrown in the filter through the act of cutting it in half, but not to the extent that I found debris. There were no large chunks, but you can definitely see all of the fine particles that got stuck inside of the filter. I neglected to grab pictures of the filter itself, but it was coated in fine metal flakes, both on the top and bottom of it. I think my fingers tell the story here.

All in all, I think the filtermag, catch can, and drain plug were all a very good investment and will do nothing but add to the longevity of the engine. I am very pleased with their performance (especially the catch can) and give all 3 parts my seal of approval. I am very happy to see the metal debris on the drain plug tip and in the filter and not running through my engine's oil system.

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