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Come on sir....really? This Camaro owner has actually taken and thought about what he wanted to do in steps and with a plan. He's hardly out of his teens and all you got to say is this? He could have saved longer and easily gotten a SS.....prolly an SS/RS too if he really wanted to wait.

Id rather see 1 tuned up V6 than to see 20 stock SS cars.....just my opinion. I like it when people are true afficiandos and want to "make it theirs."

Too many cars look too alike around here anyway.
i am 20 as well i just dont see the sense in calling you car something it is not. I am not just calling him out but it is something we see alot of. i am sure he could of got an Rs if he wanted or a SS but i was just saying why put a badge on it when you already went above and beyond that and when camaro enthusiast could tell it is not a "true" RS. I again was not putting him down just wondering the logic.
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