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Well I'm at a stopping point for tonight. The huge yellow intake tube is no longer yellow! I removed the powdercoat today and will be smoothing it out and polishing it to a shine to match my runners.

I'm almost done with relocating the heater hoses, just had to buy some parts from Fry's Electronics to finish it up. I was looking at the wiring for the injectors, and have decided to reroute them under the plenums for a cleaner look.

I was up in the air if I wanted to design my own coil brackets or just do a relocation. I was leaning towards just doing a coil relocation, but I don't have that much space. If I can't find a decent spot to relocate them, I'll finish up my coil bracket design and convert it to g-code (not looking forward to that since it's been a couple years!), and get it cut at the machine shop i used to work at!

I need to order a couple more fittings to finish up redoing the fuel lines so if everything goes as planned, I should have it finished up on Friday!

I also sent a good part of the day cleaning up all my wiring. A lot of it has harness tape around it and will get heatshrinked and loomed tomorrow.

Still haven't figured out where I want to relocate the EVAC solenoid, but I'm pretty sure it'll be next to the ECU. I also have some more hose on order to redo the ugly looking factory hose. I'll take a look at what I need to order to redo the radiator hoses, as well as the water vapor lines.

Once all this stuff is finished, I'll see how well the bay cleans up and go from there!

I have to say, I wasn't really into cleaning up the engine bay, but after installing the beautiful intake, it has motivated me to clean everything up!

No pics tonight but will have a lot up tomorrow!

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