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Arrow COTM June 2016 - 2013 Summit White 2SS RS "Frostbite" UPDATED 7/30/16

UPDATED 7/30/16

Mods List:
*Orange are the Mods I added

*Black are the Mods that came with car when I purchased.
*Red are the future Mods

ZL1 Replica 20x10 and 20x11 Satin Black Wheels
Toyo Proxes 275/40R20 and 315/35R20 Tires

DIY Caliper Painting(White)
20% Window Tint
Custom Painted Interior
Custom Painted Engine Cover
Satin Black Tail Light Bezels
Weather Tech Floor Mats
Engine Cover Painted Black/White
Oracle Reverse Lights
CAI Cold Air Intake
Stainless Power 1 7/8" Headers with High Flow Cats
MSD Spark Plug Wires
Billet Aluminum Summit White Battery Post Cover
Borla "ATAK" Cat-Back Exhaust
Removed Badges From Car
Bo White Ported Throttle Body.
ZL1 Bumper Conversion
ZL1 Rocker Panels
ZL1 Wheel Liners
ZL1 Brake Cooling Ducts
ZL1 Radiator Air Duct
Heritage Grille
CREE H11 Fog Light Bulbs
Vitesse Throttle Controller**Has Been Removed From the car, Fall of 2015
Rear Badge White Inner with Black Outer**Has Been Removed From the car, Winter of 2015
Interior White Panels
Interior White Controls Trim

Oracle Concept Painted Side Markers
K & N Cold Air Intake**Has Been replaced by CAI Cold Air Intake on 8-7-15
Badge and Bowtie White Out**Car De-badged in February 2016

Body Color Painted Fuse Box(Poorly Done)**Replaced with a Stock black Fuse Box Cover
Body Color Painted Engine Cover(Poorly Done)**Replaced with a professionally painted engine cover.
Torque Converter
Suspension Upgrades
Ported Heads
Forced Induction
Transmission Cooler

11/29/14 Day one of owning this car, picking it up from the dealer.
2013 Summit White 2SS RS with 23,400miles
Polished Aluminum Wheels
Car was equipped with a K & N Cold Air Intake
Interior White Panels
Interior White Controls Trim
Badge and Bowtie White Out
Oracle Concept Painted Side Markers
Body Color Painted Fuse Box(poorly done)
Body Color Painted Engine Cover(poorly done)

1/29/15 Personalized Plates Arrive!
*Thanks to Fellow Camaro5 Member NC_Nole for sending me down the path that made me choose this plate.

1/30/15 ZL1 Replicas 20x10 275/40R20 Fronts and 20x11 315/35R20 Rears Arrived
*These Things are almost as tall as my 3 year old son!
Thanks to Doug from Factory Reproductions!

2/7/15 Got the ZL1 Replica's installed, had to take my car out into the harsh weather to accomplish it
*Thanks to my friend and his Jeep for transporting these huge wheels and tires for me, and giving me somewhere warm to do the install!

03/02/15 Took 2 weeks extra to get here due to USPS being delayed, but it has finally Arrived - Vitesse Throttle Controller
*Thanks to fellow Camaro5 forum member Josh.Duncan for the great price on this.

05/29/15 Begin process of painting the calipers white!
*Thanks to my best friend for letting me take over his garage for the weekend!
Ignore my VERY dirty car, it was in major need of a wash
All sanded and ready to get some tape on them!

All finished putting color on, now to let them cure for the night

5/30/15 Decals and clear coat on!

Pads put back in and calipers mounted!

The finished project!

6/5/15 Car meet with the Camaros of Northwest Ohio group

6/8/15 Plasti-Dipped Tail Light Bezels
*Again ignore my dirty car, the weather has not been the best for us in Ohio.

6/11/15 Stripped the interior and dropped pieces off to paint shop!
*Can't wait to see the finished product!

6/22/15 Got a few of the interior pieces back today
*They look great!

7/1/15 Picked up the finished interior pieces from the painter today, and re-installed them!
*This looks amazing! Tracy with Kustom Kolorz did an amazing job! Also got a New Engine and Fuse box covers and had them done right! $300

8/7/15 Stainless Power 1 7/8" Headers with High Flow Cats, New Cold Air Inductions CAI, and MSD Spark Plug wires
*Installed at Camaro5 Fest 6 at Beech Bend Raceway!!
$1250 Headers and Cats
$400 for CAI Cold Air Intake
$73 for MSD Spark Plug Wires

8/8/15 Got to make my first passes ever down a drag strip!
*at Camaro5 Fest 6 at Beech Bend Raceway.

8/22/15 A Picture of the car at a local car show. The car won best in class!
*Great Picture from another Camaros of Northwest Ohio and Camaro5 Member Hurst. Thanks!

9/2/15 Installed the Billet Summit White Battery Post Cover
*Purchased from another Camaro5 Member lonestarlogan Thanks! $40

2/13/16 Removed Badges from Trunk panel!
*I'm actually in love with the look without the rear badges. Contemplating maybe taking the CAMARO lettering off the fenders as well, because I wont have any badging in the front either when the Heritage Grill is installed.

2/27/16 Removed Throttle Body to get ported by Bo White!
*Took a quick picture of the intake manifold as well. Doesn't look too bad for 36,766 miles. $150

3/25/16 Disassembly of the front end and rocker panels!
*Getting the car prepped for the ZL1 Bumper Conversion, ZL1 Rockers, and Heritage Grille Install! Also, Took this opportunity to do some deep cleaning of some of the crevices on the car. Car Suffered some minor Front end damage resulting in the need for a new passenger fender, Bumper, Driver Headlight, Wheel Liners, and Impact Bar. So I decided to take this opportunity to upgrade to the ZL1 Bumper and ZL1 Rockers.

3/31/16 Heritage Grille Delivered!
*Showed up in awesome condition from Maureen at Rodger's Chevrolet! Thanks for all the free gear as well Maureen! $364

4/1/16 ZL1 Harness Delivered!
*ZL1 Harness to power ZL1 Fog Lights $70.

4/4/16 New Driver and Passenger front Oracle Concept Side Markers Delivered!
*$182 for both.

The top side marker is my old one I need to replace. The bottom side marker is one of the new ones the shipped to me. Way off in color. Not happy about this, sent them back to Oracle, hopefully they can get me a better set.

4/7/16 New Fog Light Housing Delivered!
*Purchased from another Camaro owner. $12

4/7/16 New DRL and Fog Light Bulbs!
*Purchased from Phastek. CREE P13W and H11 Bulbs.$150

4/7/16 ZL1 Wheel Liners, Brake Cooling Ducts!
*Purchased from a local dealership. $400

4/19/16 ZL1 Bumper Delivered!
*Purchased from Gary's Customs. $1,543

4/23/16 ZL1 Bumper, ZL1 Wheel Liners, ZL1 Brake Cooling Ducts, and Heritage Grille Installed.
*The Car looks incredible with the bumper upgrade! Contemplating removing the stripes and going a different route with the hood now though. Still need my Oracle Side markers, and a few various nuts and bolts to finish this up. Should be back on the streets Tuesday or Wednesday hopefully depending on our weather.

5/11/16 Finally took a couple pictures, ignore the dirty car, and the mess in the stones isn't from the car.
*I love this bumper conversion!!

5/14/16 Rodger's Chevrolet Car Show!.
*a couple pictures from 2016 car show!!

5/21/16 Local Relay for Life Car Show!.
*a few pictures from 2016 car show!!

6/15/16 Some updates for the COTM!.
*June 2016 Camaro of the Month!!

A little bit of noise for everyone!

Some Cruising around footage! Just wait for that beautiful noise!

A little burnout video from last year, before mods!

A Picture just because!

6/15/16 Dyno Sheet from Rodgers Chevrolet Car Show 2016! 371RWHP 382 Torque!

6/18/16 Received my foam gun in the mail from Adam's! This thing is amzing!

6/18/16 Pictures from last night at Summit Motorsports Park!
*The Black Convertible "G3NESYS" in the pictures is forum Member Ace0751's ride!

6/18/16 Video from last night at Summit Motorsports Park!
*Only got 2 passes in, kind of bummed out by that and the fact I ran like crap, but here is a video of the 2nd run!

7/1/16 Some pictures with my best friends 2009 Jeep SRT8

7/30/16 Finally installed my Speaker Trim Rings
*$100 from CamaroFest 2015, I then had them custom painted Summit White!

ZL1 Replicas 20x10 +35 20x11 +43 | 275/40 Fronts 315/35 Rears Toyo Proxes STII | 1 7/8" Stainless Power Headers w/ HI-Flow Cats | Tuned | Borla Cat Back Exhaust "ATAK" | CAI Cold Air Intake | Bo White Ported TB | Oracle Reverse Lights | Oracle Concept Side Markers | Debadged | Custom Painted Interior | ZL1 Bumper Conversion | ZL1 Rockers | Heritage Grille |

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