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post apex scoop washer relocate paranoia

Ok, so after having my apex scoop and washer relocate kit for months, I finally got them installed. I wasn't quite sure where to put bottle fill cap port yet, so I just zip tied someplace until I could look at more pics. Anyway, I drove home the 3 miles or so from my father-in-laws shop with the radio off. The engine/under the hood area sounded different. Not sure how to explain it other than "different". Did anyone notice a "different" sound after installing theirs? If not, I am just paranoid and need to keep my radio up like I always do.

When I got home and pulled into the garage. I noticed a smell when I got out of the car. At first I thought it may be burning rubber. Popped the hood, checked all the tubing, looked all in the engine bay. Didn't see burned, melted rubber. Kept getting whiffs of the scent and realized it was just some kind of SOMETHING that got hot smell. Felt all the tubing, hoses etc. Nothing was warm/hot. Now I am thinking maybe a leaf blew in the bay while I was working on the car and that is what the smell was. A hot leaf. I don't know. Can anyone help alleviate my paranoia? Thanks to all that can help. Now I am going to have a bourbon and chill.

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