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is dealer trying to give me the run around?

Ok so a week ago my check engine light came on along with my traction control light and the light that means my tires flat. On the speedometer it said "service stabilty" and "engine power reduced". So I took it in to the dealer and they told me it was my fuel pump and regulator. So they fixed that and gave me the car. Not 1 mile after I left everything came back on as if nothing had been fixed but now it started smelling like gas in my car. So I went back and the next day they told me that one of the gas lines had busted from over pressure from the pump. So now they replaced the lines and everything was fine. Well 2 days later "today" everything came back on again "same lights same codes" took it back to the dealer and now there saying that my ecm has an aftermarket tune on it and they can get past it to see what the problem is. So im just done with them im going to a different dealer because I think guys are full of crap and dont know what there talking about. Has anyone had this issue before? Ive seen a few threads about this issue but most of them are fixed by the fuel pump amd regulator being replaced. So idk wat else to think.
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