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If they don’t want to put a supercharger in it due to CAFÉ then add lightness as Chapman would say. Go CF roof, trunk and hood. Aluminum bits in the suspension. Lightweight 18 or 19” wheels to reduce unsprung weight (those 20’s have to be heavy, put some volks or something else on there), manual Recaro seats (just make sure they recline) and other weight saving measures. And then tweak the engine to about 440hp and shoot for 3,650lbs.

Not saying make it a track car by removing sound deadening, back seats etc. Those who want that can do that on their own.

By making it lighter they can provide a faster and more nimble car that gets the same or better mileage than the SS. If they don’t increase the HP at all they can even improve mileage while still improving all the rest. Seeing as this is a higher trim model they won’t expect volume and can charge a bit more and it has no impact on CAFÉ.
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